Of course, there is a lot more out there, but I have selected these sites carefully and have not included sites which are of little interest because they are badly written or of the wrong level. I have included only sites which appear to be of good quality. If you can strongly recommend any other vocabulary learning sites, please contact us.

IELTS Academic Vocabulary Test 1

This site has two vocabulary tests based on the AWL. They involve speed reading of 4 definitions against a timer, which can be turned off. Exercises are easy to use and give clear feedback. They are divided into ‘sets’ of 10 questions. The tests are challenging and not too long. However, this really is speed reading and the time you are given is short!

ESL/EFL Teaching and Learning Resources

A useful portal of links to sites for vocabulary learning

Business English Collocation Exercises

A variety of exercises to help you with Business English. This site is recommended by a business student from UoP.


This site provides a guide to vocabulary by topic which can be very helpful if you want to know words connected with a particular subject. Under ‘Games and Quizzes’ (right hand menu) they have a nice prefix quiz.

The Phrasal Verb Page

A useful site for learning two-word verbs

ESL Idiom Page

This site provides lists, definitions, and examples of many useful idioms. This will help you to learn colloquial English.

ESL Slang Page

Meanings and examples of a wide range of slang words can be found on this site. This is the kind of vocabulary your English friends use and your teacher doesn’t teach you!

Basic Latin Elements

The 125 basic Latin elements every English speaker/reader should know for an adequate understanding of thousands of English words. This could be interesting if you want to understand more about how words are formed.


A series of collocation quizzes. Useful language but the answer is given to you straight away before you can input your own idea.