On-line Vocabulary Learning Resources

Here is a selection web sites which help you learn and practise vocabulary.

BBC Learning English


This site provides varied, good quality resources for learning vocabulary. more...

Improve Your Vocabulary!


A website with many different exercises for learning vocabulary. more...

Advanced Vocabulary Lessons


Advanced vocabulary lessons. more...

Compleat Lexical Tutor


This site, created by Tom Cobb, of Quebec University, Canada is a vast and comprehensive resource for vocabulary learning (not only in English but also French, German and Spanish as well). Despite difficulties in using it (see below) it does offer some very good tools for learning. more..

The Tower of English


The Tower of English is a portal to English learning websites. more...

English Vocabulary Builder - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced


English Vocabulary Building help for students. more...

The Oxford 3000


This page gives a list of useful word lists complied by Oxford University Press Dictionaries – the most frequent 3000 words in English; useful words for learning language; the most common words in science, arts and business. more...