My name is Ricky Lowes.

I am an English teacher here at the University of Plymouth. I love languages and have a degree in English, and diplomas in French and Spanish. I once learnt a little Chinese (a long time ago !) and I am currently learning Sorani Kurdish, so I understand that language learning can be quite difficult at times!

I became a teacher in 1981 and in addition to my teaching diploma, I have an MA in TESOL from the University of London. However, I still haven’t found time to do a PhD.  This is because I have been so busy working teaching languages and training teachers, in Spain, China and Sweden, in addition to working in colleges and universities in the UK, and bringing up my two children! I was also an oral examiner for the Cambridge exams for many years.

I have been working at the University of Plymouth since 2004.

My professional interests are Learner Autonomy; Learning/Cognitive Styles; Computer Assisted Learning; Phonology & Pronunciation, and materials writing. I am also very interested in child language development and bilingualism.

I have published a number of books, including:

Lowes, R. & Target, F. (1998). Helping Your Students to Learn: A Guide to Developing Student Autonomy. Richmond Publishing.

Lowes, R. & Target, F. (2003). Study Skills Unit for ESOL. Basic Skills Agency.

Lowes, R., Peters, H. & Turner, M. (2004). The International Student’s Guide: Studying in English at University. Sage Publishing.

I am very interested in how students learn vocabulary, and in helping them to learn the words on the Academic Word List, which is why I developed this site. Please let me know what you think of the site and send me any ideas you have for information or activities you would like to see on it. Just click on Contact Us to send me your ideas.