How to use this website

Here are some ideas and some information that may help you to get the most out of this website.

The purpose of this website is to help you to learn academic vocabulary. Vocabulary learning requires a lot of time and effort, and requires you to work consistently (see our advice on learning vocabulary). We provide advice, information and exercises for you to practise.

This website is designed by teachers and is structured to support your learning. It is not a user controlled site like Facebook or Flickr. You can think of it as being like a book, only more interactive.

Navigation on this site is only ever three layers deep e.g. from Home you go to Exercises then Crosswords, then the actual crossword you will do e.g. Opposites. This means you should never get lost. One each page you will find a Home button, which will bring you back to the front page. If you have any problems with navigation, please let us know.

We assume that you already know certain things. What we expect you to know are:

• Basic English grammar and vocabulary

• Grammatical terms in English: noun, verb, adverb, adjective

Here are some basic suggested strategies for learning well, quickly and enjoyably:

• Work with a friend – you can support each other
• Study little and often
• Use a note-book and write down new words and expressions
• Revise what you have learnt
• Try out new ways of learning

Enjoy the site and please let us know what you think of it. We will continue to develop it, and your ideas are important to us. Contact us.