Language Learning Advice

Here is a selection of advice and information on the web. Take a look at some of the sites and experiment with new ideas for effective learning.

How to improve your English skills

This site gives simple, basic advice on general language learning. The site also has a section on learning vocabulary. There is no great depth or detail. (This could be seen as a strength!) It has easy navigation and good links.

Improving Your English Vocabulary

Short text giving advice on learning vocabulary.

Improving your English vocabulary

Short article giving practical tips on what to do to improve your vocabulary.

How To Improve Your Vocabulary

Some good, detailed advice about things you can do to improve your vocabulary, with examples given of the techniques that are suggested.

How to Improve your Vocabulary

This page gives detailed, practical advice on how you can improve your vocabulary by creating your own dictionary or vocabulary notebook.

Good practice in teaching and learning vocabulary

This is an article for teachers, but advanced level students may find the advice helpful.