List 4 Collocations - Verbs

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The Department of Criminal Justice has , which prohibits any employee from on or off duty use of prohibited drugs. The policy also prohibits reporting for work or working while under the influence of alcohol.

It is sometimes necessary to part or all of your website because you only want people from your institution seeing your pages. You can do this by setting usernames and passwords.

The government on foreign news stations during the conflict . Many foreign correspondents did not have their work visas renewed and had only limited access to government news conferences and official briefings.

No one can with any certainty, but we can put in place plans that can help us deal with unforeseen issues and events.

There are some guiding principles – such as treating your antagonist respectfully, remaining calm and rational, and being open-minded to other ideas– which are extremely helpful in the process of .

The company requires a self-motivated individual to of Manager of Information Technology. A minimum of five years experience in a management position is necessary.

Are you struggling to make your product really SELL on the Net? We understand that marketing your product or service can be very difficult and so have produced this book which gives you essential tips on how to .

Although the day –to-day running of the business is in the hands of a manager, the director of the overall policy of the company.

Drug addicts who may be eligible for a treatment programme as an alternative to imprisonment.

I was to use examples from the Macmillan Advanced Learner’s Dictionary provided that use of their material was acknowledged.