List 2 - Word Families

Gap-fill exercise - word families

This exercise tests your knowledge of word families. Complete the sentences by filling in the missing words, which are a form of the word given in capitals. Choose the correct word form for the sentence. When you have filled all the gaps, press "Check" to check your answers. Remember to take great care with spelling as the computer will not recognise a word that is incorrectly spelled. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints! Where you see a ? you can click to get a list of possible words and, in some cases, help with the meaning.

You can click on the words in capital letters to get a definition and use the link to an on-line dictionary at the bottom of the page to check any other words you are not sure of. You can find lists of the members of the families on the Academic Word List at

Here is an example done for you: ADEQUATE The study of languages is suffering due to an INADEQUATE supply of trained teachers.


We have what we set out to do.

They are holding a party to celebrate the of their first year’s goals.

Your goal is ambitious, but with hard work it is .


When you visit people from another culture, it is important to be dressed so that they feel comfortable with you.

Lecturers are discussing the of using wikipedia as sources of information for academic essays.

I am not an expert in this area, so it would be for me to comment on the matter.


In our library, the books are by subject area and then by author.

The hardest part of the research was the data into sub-sets.

She is investigating the effectiveness of automated on-line .


His essay had a very weak , which left a poor final impression on the reader.

Can we demonstrate that the factory caused the pollution?

They had evidence that the two students had committed plagiarism.


The tutor criticised my essay, but in a way that was very - I learned a lot from her.

This website is currently under .

The scientist an elegant theory to explain the data.


Do other countries have the same between amateur and professional athletes that we do?

This chemical has a very smell.

She is easy to understand because she speaks slowly and .


of this new medical treatment cannot take place until all the data has been collected.

In the light of these changes we need to our position.

We had a session on the importance of the quality of sources of information, particularly websites.


, I’d like to present the conclusions of my study.

His voice had a tone of which meant he would not change his mind.

Not all the arrangements have been made; we still need to a few details.


We need to respect their beliefs, traditions, and social .

It is important that long-stay patients in the hospital do not become .

The company has new security measures for its staff.


Computer courses aren’t cheap, but they’re a good for your career.

Rather than distributing the money we have made as dividends or profits, I think we should it in the business.

We’ve a lot of money in foreign markets.